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Welcome to the official website of singer songwriter, musician, composer, environmental protector and music educator Mish Songsmith

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Mish & Jewel Duo

Mish & Jewel Duo

Mish & Vonnstar 2018 Lismore Show

Mish & Vonnstar 2018 Lismore Show

Happy Autumn Lovelies....

   Blessings &      Love 

May this season kiss you with all the snuggly goodness that Winter brings... 

   Happy June! 

Winter is here...and its my new favourite season because its the month that I have my first 2 full band gigs with my new band 'Mish Songsmith Band'! WOOO HOO! I'm hoping to come up with a better band name, if you have any idea's let me know. My first band was called "Mishful Thinking" and I do like that. Also I have had suggestions; "Mishelicious" and Mishfits...

Mish Songsmith Band debut is: Sunday 9th June from 10am-2.30pm at The Big Top at The Channon Craft Market! 

Here's the new band bio!

Two piano’s and four-part harmonies with drums and bass is singer/songwriter Mish Songsmith’s dream band that has now become a reality at last. This brand new, unique 5-piece line-up features fantastic local musicians; Mish Songsmith on vocals, trumpet & keys, Jewel Musica on vocals and percussion, Brent Calcutt on keys & vocals, Fionn Quinlan on drums and vocals and Mark Bromley on bass. 

Mish’s musical vision is to lift & connect all people and help create a peaceful world, with universal anthems ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘You’ll Get There.’   

Having won a load of song writing and performing awards, Mish's influences come from the likes of Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Sting, Missy Higgins and Rickie Lee Jones. 

The band will be playing a set of Mish’s original songs that weave their way through soul, folk, jazz, pop & blues.

Saturday June 22 at The Heartbeats Festival Stage at The Lismore Lantern Festival from 1-1.35pm will be band gig number 2! Its an amazing day out in Lismore, with bands, food, lantern parade and fire show. 

For bookings email

Check out 'A Cup of Tea' Music Video on Youtube

"Do what you dream you can. Boldness has genius, 
Power and Magic in it. Begin it now." Goethe


Mish Songsmith & Jewel

 —  —

Lismore Carboot Market, Lismore Shopping Square, Uralba St, Lismore

Potent, passionate and powerful singer/songwriter Mish Songsmith caresses piano keys & sings melodiously with long time Besty & wonder talent, Jewel Musica. Together these two locals interweave like sisters, performing Mish's soul inspired, universal, uplifting music with beautiful harmonies, light percussion and tenor ukulele. Add a sprinkling of Mish on trumpet whilst Jewels slides over to the keys and the spices of well-known songs by Madness, Mraz, Lennon, Cohen, Aretha, Fleetwood Mac and 1920's jazz in a mishmash of pop, folk, soul, jazz and blues and you have the lingering, fresh taste of Songsmith & Jewel.

Mish Songsmith Solo

 —  —

Ground N Sound , Shop 6/23 Musgrave Avenue , Chirn Park Gold Coast, Queensland

Mish on keys and soulful vocals for the first time sharing her music at this fabulous venue that supports independent artists, on the Gold Coast. The only way is up! Its a licenced Bar/Cafe Open Late Friday & Saturday Open Wed to Sun. Hours 8 ish to 5 ish. Closed Mon. Great Food Organic YUM! Kickass Coffee. Good Tunes. Great Vibe

Mish Songsmith

Lismore Carboot Market, Lismore Shopping Square, Uralba St, Lismore

Powerful female vocalist and award winning songwriter Mish Songsmith from Tuntable Creek creates a warm, rich, sweet sauce of emotionally honest melodies. She's out to uplift the spirits of all people of the world through song. Her unique, soulful jazz-infused, folky-pop songs burst with inspirational lyrics that express universal life stories and wisdoms. Mish is a heart-exploding with love and joy songstress who draws her own positive conclusions about life in her 2018 album 'Be Yourself.' She'll no doubt be joined by a fabulous muso, which is yet to be confirmed!