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Welcome to the official website of singer songwriter, musician, composer, environmental protector and music educator Mish Songsmith

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BIG FUN playing on the BIG stage at 2017 Lismore Lantern Festival

BIG FUN playing on the BIG stage at 2017 Lismore Lantern Festival

 xx Happy March xx

It's a full month of gigs this month with IWD, The Lismore Womens Festival and gigs that I love playing solo at Nimbin Bowlo restuarant and playing with Vonnstar at The Channon Tavern. 

My wish has come true, I'm also playing trumpet and singing a few songs with The Broken Levee Brass Band! I'll be playing with them on March 17 supporting The Lovies at Brunswick Picture House. 

Last gig of the month is Songsmith & Jewel at The Dusty Attic on Friday 28th.

      Blessings and Love :) 

For bookings email;

Check out 'A Cup of Tea' Music Video on Youtube

"Do what you dream you can. Boldness has genius, 
Power and Magic in it. Begin it now." Goethe


Songsmith & Jewel

The Dusty Attic Music Lounge, 149 Woodlark Street, Lismore

This funky, cosy new venue welcomes Tuntable Creek Songwriter and Musician Mish Songsmith and Jewel Musica. Potent, passionate and powerful singer/songwriter Mish Songsmith caresses piano keys & sings melodiously with long time Besty & wonder talent, Jewel Musica. Together these two locals interweave like sisters, performing Mish's soul inspired music with sweet harmonies, light percussion and tenor ukulele. Add a sprinkling of Mish on trumpet whilst Jewels slides over to the keys and the spices of well-known songs by Madness, Mraz, Lennon, Cohen, Aretha, Fleetwood Mac and 1920's jazz in a mishmash of pop, folk, soul, jazz and blues and you have the lingering, fresh taste of Songsmith & Jewel.


The Broken Levee Brass Band

 —  —

The Channon Buttery Tavern, 51 Terania Street, The Channon

7 piece Brass Band. Playing dance music from the streets of New Orleans and quirky arrangements of 80's hits. Come join the tootin, hootin fun! Its a great end to a Sunday Channon Market!

Australian Songwriters Association Songwriters Night Feature Artist

East Lismore Bowling Club, 76 Nielson Street, East Lismore A monthly workshop for songwriters in the Northern Rivers NSW. Get written feedback on your work and access to comps and services. Talk and be inspired by like minded songwriters in the local area who get up to do a few songs with the feature act playing for 30 minutes at the end of the session from 9-9.30pm.


Solo at Nimbin Bowlo Restaurant

 —  —

Nimbin Bowling Club Restaurant , 25 Sibley Street, Nimbin

It'll be a chilled night in the relaxed family, fun atmosphere of the Nimbin Bowlo Restaurant. Soothe into the healing, inspirational, jazzy pop-folk songs of award winning, local Songwriter Mish Songsmith. Mish will be playing a few relaxed solo sets and belting out her powerful, heart-warming songs on piano.