Mish Songsmith & Jewel

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The Channon Buttery Tavern, 51 Terania Street, The Channon

Songwriter, singer, piano and trumpet player Mish Songsmith has a powerful, yet beautiful, sweet and honest voice. A young poet turned songwriter in her early twenties, she’s mastered the art of emotionally evocative and uplifting songs that express her hopeful, loving projection of positive thinking. Her music aligns with John Lennon's desire to create a peaceful world, yet on a more personal level, with universal anthems ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘You’ll Get There.’ Having won a load of song writing and performing awards, Mish's songs weave their way through soul, folk, jazz, pop & blues. Jewel, on vocals, keys, baritone ukulele and percussion, augments Mish's music like a sister. Together they aim to inspire people to open their hearts and connect fully with life.