I love Mish Songsmith’s new album. Mish adorns her catchy, piano based, heartfelt pop ballads, with an authentically beautiful, powerful and soulful voice. ”

— Parissa Bouas

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Mish Songsmith is totally hooked on making the most inspirational, honest, wise, melt your heart, jazzy-pop-folk songs so she can plant her wise, healing lyrics on a loop in your brain for you to live the most exciting existence that you possibly can. Repeat: ON


Mish Songsmith 2019 Bio (969 words) 


Only Mish Songsmith can pull off passionate, power-woman vocals and be sweet and honest at the same time. This expressive, seasoned trumpet and piano player has been breathing music for over 35 years. 

A young poet turned songwriter in her early twenty’s, she’s mastered the art of emotionally evocative and uplifting songs that express her hopeful, loving projection of positive thinking. Her music aligns with John Lennon's desire to connect people and create a peaceful world, yet on a more personal level, with universal anthems ‘Be Yourself’ and ‘You’ll Get There.’ 

Mish has played her soul-folk, jazz, pop and blues influenced songs at music festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival, Palm Creek Folk Festival, Shoal Water Bay Peace Concert, Yeppoon Peace Festival, Melbourne and Adelaide Fringe Festivals, Wollumbin Dreaming Festival, Lismore Women’s Festival and Lismore Lantern Parade. She's also won a load of song writing and performance Awards.


Songsmith & Jewel Bio 

Potent, passionate and powerful award winning singer/songwriter Mish Songsmith caresses piano keys & sings melodiously with long time Besty & wonder talent, Jewel Musica. Together these two old friends interweave like sisters, performing Mish's soul inspired, universal, uplifting music with beautiful harmonies, light percussion and tenor ukulele. Add a sprinkling of Mish on trumpet whilst Jewels slides over to the keys, the ingredients of pop, folk, soul, jazz and blues and you're left with a bounce in your step and hope in your heart for a more peaceful, loving world.


Mish Songsmith & Vonnstar Duo 

 Powerful female vocalist and award winning songwriter Mish Songsmith from Tuntable Creek, creates a warm, rich, sweet sauce of emotionally honest melodies. She's out to uplift the spirits of all people of the world through song. Her unique, soulful jazz-infused, folky-pop songs burst with inspirational lyrics that express universal wisdoms. Mish is a heart-exploding with love and joy songstress, who draws her own positive conclusions about life in her 2018 album 'Be Yourself', and alongside talented Sax and Cajon player Vonnstar, they create a spicy live performance that you’ll be singing, swaying and tapping your feet along to.

 Be Yourself 2018 Album Review – Mish Songsmith 

I recently had the pleasure of going to the launch of local artist Mish Songsmith’s new album Be Yourself at the Gollan Hotel on May 26th. What a treat to go and see a good friend’s event go so well. Mish was in fine form, beaming radiantly and treating us all to her beautiful voice and consummate piano skills. There is something enamouring about her sound and delivery. I guess it’s the attraction of seeing a performer have so much fun. She was surrounded by a group of talented friends supporting her musically. The audience was full of good friends as well making it a true love fest. The performance was polished and interactive. I’m still singing the chorus of the great Lismore Flood story ‘Flood’ “Thunder, Rumbles in my shoooooes”. I was hooked from the moment I heard it. To top off the night we got to take home a copy of this wonderful album. 

Be Yourself has been in heavy rotation in my car ever since. Mish is a true storyteller with every song being a heartfelt sharing of part of her life. The overwhelming message or feeling I get from this album is love and gratitude. I find it very up-lifting and just the thing to put me in a good space on the way to work. Musically it is rich and strong and it makes me proud that there are works of this calibre coming from our area. I love the confidence Mish displays in the minimalistic production of songs like ‘A Cup Of Tea’. The truth is she has the chops, both vocally and on piano to carry such a lean  arrangement and make it sound amazing. 

Be Yourself is Mish’s fifth album. It has been a full ten years since her last fully produced vocal album Something Wonderful and six years since the instrumental Pure Piano. She would have liked to release more music but life got in the way. The recent death of Mish’s beloved father was impetus for her to seize the day and make this album. She started work in February 2017 and mastered 21 songs in December. In chatting with Mish she described the tough process of choosing tracks to be on the final album and balancing musical compatibility with interesting variance. Ten songs made the cut. Some of the tracks have waited up to 15 years for release and some such as ‘I Want To Love You’ and ‘You Bring Me Home’ are fresh offerings. My personal favourites are ‘Flood’ and ‘A Cup Of Tea’ but I think all listeners will find melodies and messages that speak to them in this beautiful work. The good news is that Mish still has eleven mastered tracks up her sleeve so watch this space, there will hopefully be more to come soon. 

Check out www.mishsongsmith.com to buy the CD and learn more about her. Be Yourself can also be purchase through Itunes or accessed through Spotify.

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At home in Tuntable Creek.

At home in Tuntable Creek.

Mish Songsmith Duo

Mish Songsmith Duo

'Be Yourself' Album Launch 7-Piece Band @ Club Mullum

'Be Yourself' Album Launch 7-Piece Band @ Club Mullum

I Want To Love You

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