Mish is a powerful, award winning singer songwriter. Her music is very much her own with a unique mixture of genres. Combine Missy Higgins’ pop folky-ness, Nina Simone’s jazzy-ness, KD Lang’s classy style, and Ricki Lee Jones’ versatility and you’re getting close. Add the song-writing gifts of The Beatles, Joni Mitchell and John Lennon…at the end of the day Mish is an enchanting, talented, heart-warming songstress. 

Mish’s music bursts with soulful, moving lyrics, having blossomed from a young poet into a captivating and inspiring songwriter. Her well-crafted songs express universal life stories, sharing lessons and wisdoms learnt along the way, experiences of love, feeling lost, finding yourself, and Mish’s own positive conclusions to ‘Be Yourself’! 

Award winning songwriter Mish has played hundreds of venues and at many festivals over the past 15 years including The Theatre Royal, Syndney Opera House, The Enmore Theatre, Sydney Town Hall, Palm Creek Folk Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Wollumbin Festival, The Bangalow Jazz Festival, GIRLFEST 2009, Gold Coast Gay Day 2010, The Lismore Herb Festival, Nimbin Mardigrass, The Lismore Lantern Festival 2017, Lismore Womens festival 2018 and on Japan TV show ‘Good Morning Hiroshima.'


“Space Invader” was a finalist in the 2016 (NCEIA) North Coast Entertainment Industry Awards. 

“Best Folk Ep” for 'Something Wonderful', December 2015 - The Akademia Music Awards. 

“The Coal Seam Gas Mining Blues” was a finalist in the 2015 (NCEIA) North Coast Entertainment Industry Awards. 

“Artist Of The Week” - ABC North Coast with CD ‘Pure Piano Reflection’ 2012. 

“See We’re Living In The Same World” was a finalist in the 2011 (NCEIA) North Coast Entertainment Industry Awards. 

"Coyote Blues" won best Blues Song at the 2009 (NCEIA) North Coast Entertainment Industry Awards. 

"In Love With Love" won Best Adult Contemporary Song at the 2008 (NCEIA) North Coast Entertainment Industry Awards. 

"In Love With Love" was short-listed as a finalist in The 28th Australian Songwriters Associations, Australian Songwriting Contest in 2008. 

"Something Wonderful" won Best New Emerging Performing Artist at the 2007 ABC ArtsNest Awards. 

"SOLO SONGWRITER SESSIONS" Winner - at The Brunswick Heads Hotel, Kites and Bikes Festival, NSW, Nov 2006. With songs "Fly Free" and "Something Wonderful." 

"Runner up" in the 2007 Apollo Bay Music Festival's "Buskers Competition" for Best Solo Street Musician.


“I love Mish Songsmith’s new album. Mish adorns her catchy, piano based, heartfelt pop ballads, with an authentically beautiful, powerful and soulful voice. “ - Parissa Bouas (Singer/Songwriter/Hottentots)

“Can’t stop listening.”- Rhiannon Rees (Global Gurus Top 30 Life Coach)

‘Hi Mish, congrats on your album, and I have no doubts that it is most excellent. You are a great talent Mish, and I very much look forward to your album.’ – Brett Hamlyn (Deva Studio)

"Mish Songsmith’s album is like a gathering of old friends who meet to encourage, express gratitude & remind each other that the world is a joyous place, all the while conversing over cups of tea in backyard garden settings. It’s comparable to a conversation where one friend in the group pauses to self reflect, another to share of their romance, another to make you laugh, tap your feet and sing along to a song you think you’ve known your entire life, though are actually hearing for the very first time. 
Slide on your headphones & visit the joy, warmth, love and talent that is Mish Songsmith." - Donna Dyson 
(APRA-ASA 2016-17 Australian Songwriter of the Year)

"Her presentation was as exuberantly disarming and joyful as the music she makes. She has worked hard, displays discipline and is true to what she does." - (Angus McDonald, 2007 ABC ArtsNest Awards’ Judge) 

"Mish has demonstrated a long-term commitment to be a performer, and has been willing to go just about anywhere to achieve that dream, which is admirable. The essence of her musical vision to inspire people, is also admirable." - James O'Brien (2007 ABC ArtsNest Awards’ Judge)

Dear Mish, I absolutely love your song Something Wonderful!!!! You have such a way into my soul with your words and music!    
Hey....Your tracks are just great and I believe your music inspires a lot of people to follow you. I wonder how come I didn't 
know about you earlier? Please never give up makin such great music for us!!! A BIG thank you!!! Btw my fav is Something Wonderful.
I love your music! You have an amazing talent. Thank you for sharing!  
Love it, Lock The Gate is where my love for your sounds began.  
Your tunes are simplistic. Easy to digest. Radio friendly. I am a huge fan and have been since I discovered you. I will continue to support you and recommend you to friends. I appreciate the hard work you put forth. 
Something Wonderful is the best song I've heard recently!!! Best of the Best! Mish, your voice is pure gold!

Hello Mish, 
I just wanted to say to you that I haven't heard such beautiful and amazing songs in a long time. I can not stop listening to Something Wonderful! Even if I am in a bad mood your songs always make my life  better…you know…you and your songs are now part of my life…you even can not imagine how much I like your voice…remember…you are  the one…genius.  
I've been listening to your music on n1m the whole day long and It doesn't get boring. 


“Multiple award-winning artist Mish, brings her soul healing and easy listening piano based songs to the intimate Federal Folk Night. Mish won Best Adult Contemporary Song at last year's Dolphin Awards, in 2007 she won ABC's New Emerging Performing Artist Award and was a finalist in last year's Australian Songwriters Association Contest.” 
M. McHugh, Byron Echo News, 2008